The Second Chance Book Club

It's that time again! Time to get reading. We (Aubrey and I) love to read, but without some accountability, we're horrible at it. So we will be going for it again this year. Please join us.

This year we sent out a survey on our blogs to see what you would like to read. And we hope that we've found some good ones. The responses to the survey varied from "All The Books!" to "
Books that will be movies in 2016-2017" and "Intense, heartfelt, thought provoking". Looking at our new list, I think we should be okay!

Please join us in reading and discussing every month--we discuss the month's book on the last Saturday of the month. The hope is that the questions will be up for you the week of our discussion. I've also had a few requests to have a real life if you're around and interested, shoot me an email!

 We are looking forward to reading more now that we're real grown ups with real grown up jobs. 

If you join us in our discussion, stick our button on your post!

This year's books are:

January: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks  by Rebecca Skloot
*Questions: January 25
*Discussion: February 1 and February 3 
 February: Me Before You  by Jojo Moyes
*Questions:  February 18 with Aubrey (February 22 here)
*Discussion: February 27
March: Seabiscuit by Laura Hillenbrand
*Questions: March 21
*Discussion: March 26

April: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith
*Questions: April 20
*Discussion: April 30
May: The Light Between Oceans by  M.L. Stedman
*Questions: May 23
*Discussion: May 28
June: The BFG  by Roald Dahl
*Questions: June 20
*Discussion: June 25

July: The Lost City of Z  by David Grann
*Questions: July 21
*Discussion: July 30

 August: Maus  by Art Spiegelman
*Questions: August 18
*Discussion: August 27
September: Passing by Nella Larsen
*Questions: September 15
*Discussion: September 24   Bossypants

October: Yes Please  by Amy Poehler
*Questions: October 19
*Discussion: October 29
November: Bossypants by Tina Fey
*Questions: November 21
*Discussion: November 26
December: The Paris Wife by Paula McLain
*Questions: December 22
*Discussion: December 30
Click on each photo to go to Goodreads and read a summary for each book. 
OR go here to read all about them.

Thanks for sticking around and I hope you'll join in on our fun!

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