Thursday, July 17, 2014

Vacation: Family, Friends, and Contest Winners

Well, you may have noticed that I've been posting about our upcoming vacation and a contest. That contest has closed and we have two winners! Congratulations Aubrey and Ben! Aubrey came in with 8 correct guesses and Ben had 3 correct. Our two winners will now be mailed a prize in the next few weeks!

Day #1: We embarked on our two week vacation last Thursday and our first stop was good ol' Fargo, ND! Our day consisted of the Air Museum, BWW, a Redhawks game, Space Aliens, and The Fiddler on the Roof.

Day #2: Jamestown was the site of our next adventure. Time spent with family is always nice. But when we have the opportunity to spend time with our niece and nephew, we capitalize on that. Since hubs and I didn't see much of the am hours, our afternoon was packed. Canoeing has to happen when Grandpa and Grandma have a river in their backyard. And if that's not enough water time, the local outdoor pool is always a good option. Fortunately Aunt Kelly is the reigning cannonball champion! And after dinner, a nap, and a drive, we ended our day with the gun range and the DQ

Day #3: After a quick visit to see hubs' grandma, we left for Fosston (home of Cordwood Pete). A cousin was tying the knot and we were asked to be the host and we celebrated with them. It's such a blessing to be able to visit family and to celebrate with them. I think all of my cousins and aunts and uncles were able to make it to the wedding. How fabulous is that? Just being able to support, love, and be with each other is truly a blessing. 

Day #4: Despite our attempts to leave as early as possible (8am), we didn't end up hitting the road until somewhere around 9:30 or 10:00. Oops! So, we popped in our book on CD and left for Sioux Falls, SD. A dear friend of mine lives there and I have missed her dearly. I think it's been almost 3 years since we've seen each other?! Yikes! And her sweet little girl was able to join us for coffee. One hour doesn't suffice when catching up with a friend, but our chat was good for my spirit. I have missed her laughs, her mannerisms, and her sweet heart. 
We did need to keep trucking, so off we went. We finished our trek to Lincoln, NE and met our hosts for the evening. If you have not used or heard of Airbnb, you should check it out! People rent out rooms, couches, guest houses, etc in their homes to others traveling through the area. It's usually pretty reasonable for prices and you get to meet some really great people too! If you're ever in Lincoln and need a place to stay, look up Nicole on Airbnb. She's great!

Day #5: Another long day of driving was ahead of us. Quite a few hours separated us from our next destination: Denver, CO (area). To make a long day of traveling short and sweet...we made a detour in 
Lincoln and then hit the road. 

After supper with a friend in Denver, we spent some down time with family. What we did on day #6, is yet to come. Stay tuned. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

How Many Things Can I Learn in a Year?

We've been married for a little over a year now and so many people keep asking, "How was the first year?" or "What did you think of the first year?" Thus far my response has been, "Some days I can't believe it's already been a year and others I can't believe it's only been a year!"

And that's the truth! Our first year of marriage has flown by. We've laughed and cried, smiled and fought, agreed and compromised. 

And through this first year of marriage I've learned things. Some lessons I expected to learn. And others were a surprise. 

I learned that I still really struggle with doing dishes...they're one of those extreme hatreds in my life. 

I learned that after living on my own for 5 years does not prepare me for my first night alone after only 5 months of marriage. Minimal sleep was had that night. 

I learned that it's not very hard to convince me to watch "just one more" episode of our current tv series. (Parks and Rec right case you were wondering)

I learned that I'm way more selfish than I thought I was. *surprise, I know...*

I learned that the things that make my husband happy, can be sacrifices for me. (Biking many miles? Really??) * hasn't been that awful...*

I learned that there are certain types of time spent together that I need.  Watching tv is being together. But I desire quality time. Talking, (board) gaming, reading, dreaming, are the things that I desire. 

I learned that I love to cook for my husband...but it's hard to agree on meals that we both want. 

I learned that I really just want to make my husband happy. 

And in the end, that's my goal. 

At a wedding yesterday, Pastor Seth recounted something a family member had passed on. He said that if we remember that love is patient and kind, that's what matters. That's what matters because after that, the rest of 1 Cor. 13 takes care of itself. 

Patient. I'm still working on that. And it's hard. 

Kind. Also a struggle sometimes. Sometimes the sharp words come faster than the kind words. 

Those are two of my marriage goals for this next year of marriage. Show patient love and show kind love. 


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Vacation--Say What?!

There is one huge perk of teaching and having a flexible schedule during the summer. 
Two words: Road Trip!

Say what?!

We will be traveling a little more than 3,000 miles over 14 days.
Over those 14 days we will be traveling through 7 different states.
We'll be seeing family, friends, and each other.

I'll hopefully post a few times throughout out two weeks.
As a little teaser, here are a few photos of places we'll be visiting.

Can you guess all of the cities correctly? If you do, I'll send you a prize. There might even be some prizes if you know more than anyone else!
Oh...and no cheating!












And from #11, we will be heading back home. The challenge will end on Sunday, July 13 at 6pm. If you think you know all or most of our destinations, comment to win! Top 3 readers with correct guesses will get a prize! 

Friday, July 4, 2014

The First Year (not just ours)

I was asked to speak at my cousin's fiancee's bridal shower last weekend *a few weekends ago...oops!*. So...I needed to come up with something unique to tell them. So I asked a friend (who is about 10 months deep into her first year of marriage) and my husband to help give some advice. Coupled with my "advice", here's what we've got!

*Make sure to check back later next week for an anniversary *say what?!* update as well as a "Year 'By the Numbers'"...*

Many people have heard countless pieces of advice about marriage and life with spouses. Those of us who are married may have even had the advice directed at us. Who in here has received or heard the piece of advice that says, “never go to bed angry with your husband”? Many of us have. Just last night I was visiting with a friend about the very topic of “Newlywed Advice” and what we’ve learned since being married (she’s been married 7 years). Her response to “never go to bed angry/upset with your husband”? “Sometimes I just need a cool down period. It’s okay to go to bed mad with your husband.” She’s called it the best advice she’s ever received.

So, upon speaking to others who are in their first year of marriage--here’s some advice or things we’ve learned in our first year.

•The things you love most about them will also annoy you the most.
•Listening to your wife is a skill to be practiced. Daily.
•Admiration and appreciation are action verbs.
•Just because you CAN poop with the door open doesn't mean you SHOULD.
•You learn to become a better sharer...whether you like it or not.
•Hold on tight to your first and last bites of any meal you love--he’ll try to take them.
•The first time I heard Kelly Entzel/Mrs. Entzel, I didn’t know who they were talking to. Brag about your new last name--it’ll help you get used to it.
•Make time for date night--even if it’s eating PB&J and driving around dreaming about your future together.
•Your marriage won’t and shouldn’t look like everyone else’s. Figure out what works for you and rock it.

And no matter how crazy, loud, annoying, and snarky our family can be--don’t forget--it’s because we love you and you’re part of the family.
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