Monday, April 3, 2017

7 & 8 Months: Lewis

I just realized that I forgot to post about Lewis turning 7 months old and now he's already 8 months old! So this post will be a double whammy.

Seven months came and went with a flash and he's progressed so much. I have no idea how much he weighed or how long he was, but he was solidly in 3-6 & 6 month clothing. He loved his food and his parents. And then one day (yesterday), he turned 8 months. I'm also realizing that his face is thinning out a bit...

As of this morning he clocked in at 15 lbs 3 oz. He's still a peanut and that's okay. Lewis loves food, his parents, snuggles, playing, his friends at daycare, and the Parks & Rec theme song. He's not happy when his tray is empty. His first tooth popped through last week and he's been so much happier since.

Apparently it's comfortable to have your foot on your tray while eating? Even so, he's our favorite little guy and it's so fun to watch him grow up. Here's to month 9!

We love you, Lew!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Life update. aka Photo Dump.

Happy Friday Wednesday! Today is our Friday for the week. Can you say Spring Break? Woo! So, we're going to spend our time with friends and family. Here's what we've been up to lately.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Five on Friday | Amazon Edition

Linking up with April over at for another round of Five on Friday. So today I'm going to talk about five products I've ordered from Amazon lately and what I'm excited about, what you should buy, and what's not worth it. Here we go!

one | Squooshi

These are reusable baby food pouches that I found on a Lightening Deal a few weeks back. I had been doing some research and was waiting to purchase any, but when these popped up on the daily deals, I knew I had to snatch them up. I just filled the first one yesterday with cinnamon squash. Unfortunately, Lewis was too tired last night to have supper with us. Hopefully we can try it this evening. All that to say, I'm excited to see how these go.

Squooshi Reusable Food Pouch | G.O. 8 Pack |

two | Nuby Gum-eez Teethers

Lew has been teething something fierce lately so I thought we'd get him a few more things to chew we tried these. He's not entirely sure what to think. I figured it would be a complete fail since he does not like a pacifier. But, so far he's been intrigued. He doesn't chew on them very long and he likes chewing on the handle the we'll see what happens.

Nuby 2-Pack Gum-eez Teethers, Colors May Vary 

three | "Veggie Spiralizer - Best Vegetable Maker, Spiral Slicer, Terrine Maker and Shredder You'll Ever Use!"
*not impressed*

A friend, Hi Jess!, shared a zoodle Pad Thai recipe with me a month or two ago and I immediately wanted to try it. I need to be better about consuming fewer carbs and upping my protein so that I start feeling better. So, we thought we'd give it a try. We borrowed a friend's spiralizer and decided that we needed one. This one was cool and reasonably priced AND the reviews were great! Into cart. Checkout. Wait two days. Try it. Never again. We were so not impressed with this. The arm for the crank was weak and it was almost impossible to spiralize sweet potatoes. The only thing that worked okay, was spiralizing zucchini. Also, the blades don't come apart so it's super hard to clean. I think Kyle has cut his finger every time so far. All in all, this went back and our money was returned. Not worth it.

Image result for Veggie Spiralizer - Best Vegetable Maker, Spiral Slicer, Terrine Maker and Shredder You'll Ever Use! (4 Blade)

four | Nuby Sippy Cups
*worth it*

I also bought this as a "let's try it and see what happens" sort of deal. It was an add on for less than $4, so I figured, why not. It comes with two different spouts/nipples, so we tried both. At first, Lewis was interested in it because I had the bottle type nipple attached. Then when he realized it wasn't milk, he didn't care for it. So I switched it out for more of a sippy cup type spout. The cup does spill if you don't get the cover on straight, but once we got that figured out, we were good to go!

Nuby Non-Drip 3-Stage Wide Neck Bottle to Cup, 8 Ounce, Colors May Vary

five | Black + Decker Personal Coffee Maker
*worth it*

I'm SO glad I bought this. We are faithful pour-over coffee addicts in our house. Kyle has been using the pour-over system for years and I've been using it since we got married. But here's the thing, sometimes you want coffee and you want it fast. I'm not a huge fan of the Keurig, because I want to have fresh coffee that isn't awful for the environment when you throw the grounds/pods away. With a baby we usually don't have any extra time in the mornings, so to heat up water in the tea pot and then continually be keeping an eye on our coffee to make sure we keep pouring or to make sure it doesn't about annoying and time consuming. Enter Black + Decker. Kyle mocked me for buying this, but I needed something for weekday mornings. It's nothing to write home about, but it gets the job done and it only takes a few minutes to brew coffee. We've been using ours for almost two weeks now and it was the best $19 we've spent in a long time...and right now it looks like it's only $16 and change! If you only make 17 cups of coffee with it, you're still saving money.

BLACK+DECKER DCM18S Brew 'n Go Personal Coffeemaker with Travel Mug, Black/Stainless Steel

Happy Friday!


Monday, February 13, 2017

Taking Stock | 02

Making: burp cloths and taggies...I want to keep making them...
Cooking: totdish
Drinking: water, water, water
Reading: Orbiting Jupiter
Wanting: this individual coffee pot...because I'm not a huge fan of the Keurig and I can't afford a Nespresso
Listening: to Amy Poehler's Yes Please and I only have one chapter to it. I dare you.
Playing: catch up with grading and dishes and sleep and and and
Eating: these cookies
Wishing: for some warmer weather and no snow
Loving: this little boy...

Watching: Parks and Recreation...for the second time
Enjoying: time with Kyle before he goes to Orlando next (not this) weekend
Wearing: my favorite target cardigan (similar)
Noticing: how antsy I'm getting for some change...what, I'm not sure...
Bookmarking: this recipe from Tales of Me and the Husband and I can't wait to try it...also, floor beds

Happy Monday!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

5 Things I'm Thankful I Had at the End of my Pregnancy

As we come up on a year since we announced Lewis' impending arrival earth-side, I've been doing a lot of reminiscing on my pregnancy. Aubrey has asked me what I miss about being pregnant. So I've been thinking about what I loved; I've also been thinking about was not so fun. The reminiscing has been fun. And God-willing, I'll be pregnant again one day so I can (hopefully) experience these things again.

But. This is a big BUT. I pray that I'm fortunate enough to never be super pregnant in the summer ever again. I was born in September and I see now why my mom had the rest of her kids in the spring. It's brutal to be super pregnant in June & July.

With all of the reminiscing I've done the last few weeks, I've found 5 things I'm so thankful for toward the end of my pregnancy. I'll qualify the end as the last 8-ish weeks.

This is not sponsored in any way...I just couldn't live without these at the end of it all.

1 | Zantac
I started having heartburn right around 20 weeks. For a while, I was trying the "natural", non-medication routes. I tried chewing gum, smelling peppermint, ginger... But by about 25 weeks I started in on the TUMS. I was eating those things like candy. Super chalky candy, but candy nonetheless. Around 37 weeks, my Dr told me to start taking Zantac, because my heartburn had really ramped up.

So, I went to SAM's Club and bought these. She told me to take two a day, even if I didn't feel any symptoms. And I didn't have heartburn for the next 4 weeks!

2 | Birkenstocks
By the time I hit mid-May, most of my shoes didn't fit. So I was extremely thankful that it was warming up enough that I could slide my sausages feet into these puppies. I could've squeezed into other shoes perhaps...maybe my TOMS or a pair of flats...either way, my Birks were the way to go.

 I bought mine at Scheels, but you can find them here, here, and here.

I ended up having to loosen them to the last hole...and my feet still swelled around them. #michelinman

3 | Stretchy shirts & leggings
I basically lived in Old Navy maternity tops by the end of my pregnancy. They were affordable and they were so comfy.

Not only did I love my ON ts, but I loved leggings. I'm so thankful that leggings are "in" and that I was able to wear them as pants...because being largely pregnant in the summer is no fun. And if you have to try to wear real pants??

I loved this pair from Target. I loved that they were full panel and that they were capri AND that they were the "athletic-ey" material.

And the pair that I wore the most?


They're also Old Navy...they're full panel and they're not expensive. I loved them so much I bought another pair when my first wore out. If you're buying maternity pants, go full panel. You'll never regret it.

4 | Yoga ball
I registered for one of these for our wedding registry with the intent that I'd use it as a chair at my desk. Well, it was a little shorter than I was I deflated it and it sat in a box for 2.5 years.

Then all of the sudden, my hips killed and I read online (the most reliable of sources) that sitting on a yoga ball for 30 min or more per day can alleviate pain in your hips and help induce labor. Well...sign me up!
Not the same yoga ball I have, but the closest I could find.
Seriously, it felt so good on my hips and lower back. But did it induce labor? No way. Gah.

5 | Chromecast
We bought a Chromecast a few years ago and were so excited to use it with our phones, iPad, and computers. But it didn't work on anything but my phone! Boo. We decided to return it.

Now fast-forward a few years...Kyle bought me a new one for the TV in my sewing room. It's awesome because I can spend time down there and watch tv while I'm sewing or listen to Pandora. And it's worked so well!

This summer it really came in handy because it was SO hot in our house, that I hibernated in the bedroom in our basement. And if I had to hibernate in the basement, what better thing to be doing than watching TV! I watched a lot of Netflix...don't ask what...just know that I did. Okay okay. I watched all of the new Grey's season in like a week? No, I am not ashamed. And it was all possible because of my handy little Chromecast.

Image result for chromecast 

Also, Kyle and I streamed a lot of Veep through Amazon Prime on our computers to the Chromecast. Best. Decision. Yet. 

What about you other new-ish moms? What are you thankful you had there at the end? Please do share!

Friday, February 3, 2017

6 Months: Lewis

Our little ham bone turned 6 months old yesterday! He's sitting up on his own, often smiley, and he loves to make others smile.

At his appointment this afternoon, Lewis weighed  14 lbs 6 oz (4th percentile) and measured 25.5 in (9th percentile) long! So he's still a peanut. He's growing up and as much as we miss the snuggly little newborn stage, it's been so fun to watch him grow and learn.

Lewis loves: peas, squash, sweet potatoes, celery, mushrooms, & teething biscuits.
He does not like: sleeping alone (still), waiting to be picked up...when he really wants to be held, & being awake in the evenings.

Here are some outtakes from his photo shoot yesterday. He had a super cute outfit on, but he spit up on Dad only 20 min prior to these pics. Not impressed, bud.

 He went swimming for the first time and while he wasn't sure what to think right away, once he figured out how to splash--he had so much fun! He would've played for quite a while if his pesky chin hadn't started quivering.

 Doesn't he look like a little boy and not a baby?? 

Daycare has been better lately. He loves his daycare lady and he's been working on waving good-bye to people! He's rocking his flannel and continuing to look like a bald old man.

Lew and Mom went grocery shopping one Saturday morning while dad was recovering from (another) cold. So naturally, we had to stop at Tim Horton's. He'll learn early on that Saturdays are for TimBits and coffee.

Even though he doesn't like to sleep in his crib at night, he does nap very well in it during the day.

He even naps well on the bathroom floor! :)

It's been such a fun month with little Lewis. We love watching him explore and learn things every day. We even love noticing that his hair is growing...finally!

Lew, your dad and I love you so much. You're the perfect addition to our family...even if you don't sleep in your own bed yet.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Baby Jackson: An Update & Fundraiser

Update as of 2/14 from Amanda's Facebook:  first of all Jackson says he's sorry to everyone he scared yesterday with his episodes & hopes each of you have a very blessed & Happy Valentines Day; he sends his slobbery kisses to all of you!💋💋♥️♥️

Jackson had a rough night/morning but so far since about 5:00am he's been holding steady and resting. He's grumpy but who wouldn't be after the day he had yesterday.
If y'all are still wanting to donate please do so on our PayPal, GoFundMe or mailing.
We appreciate each and every one of you! I can't get through all the comments and messages but please know I've looked and read them! Y'all are amazing.

You may remember this post about babies Charlotte and Jackson from a few weeks ago. If you don't remember it or haven't checked out, please head over here to do so.

Baby Charlotte is doing well! Her recovery is going and she's a happy little thing.

Baby Jackson, on the other hand, is not doing well. He ended up back in the hospital and his genetic testing came back. His testing revealed that he has Type 1 Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).

Type 1 SMA symptoms are usually present at birth or by 6 months.
"When SMA symptoms are present at birth or by the age of 6 months, the disease is called type 1 SMA (also called infantile onset or Werdnig-Hoffmann disease). Babies typically have generalized muscle weakness, a weak cry and breathing distress. They often have difficulty swallowing and sucking, and don't reach the developmental milestone of being able to sit up unassisted. Typically these babies have two copies of the SMN2 gene, one on each chromosome 5. Over half of all new SMA cases are SMA type 1." (

SMA type 1 symptoms can be mild to severe. "Children who have noticeable SMA symptoms at or shortly after birth usually are very weak, have difficulty breathing, sucking and swallowing, and never reach the developmental milestone of being able to sit on their own (type 1 SMA or Werdnig-Hoffmann disease). In the past, children with type 1 SMA usually didn't survive more than two years, but today this is not always the case. With technology such as mechanical ventilation and feeding tubes to assist with breathing and nutrition, children with type 1 SMA can survive for a number of years."  (

Jackson and his parents have already spent so much time in the hospital and they may have the option to go home soon. Unfortunately, he is still having so much trouble breathing, so when he goes home, he'll go home on his CPAP. His mom recently posted that when they go home, it's likely that Jackson will be on hospice. **Update since this was written...Jackson coded this morning at 9 and was revived, but the drs don't know if he will make it through tonight.**

I know this momma and Jackson from a wonderful mom's group and he was born just a few weeks before Lewis. It breaks my heart to see and hear what they're dealing with right now. Please continue to keep this family in your prayers. And if you feel led to give, there are a few options.

Option 1: PayPal
Jackson's family is accepting donations via PayPal. PayPal does not charge a service fee to Jackson's family to deposit into their bank account. The PayPal email address is

Option 2: GoFundMe
Jackson also has a GoFundMe account set up. Here's the link to his page.

Option 3: Fundraiser!
A sweet mom in our group prints shirts and has started a fundraiser for Jackson. I've ordered a onesie for Lewis to wear. They look like this:



Onesies are $15 and tshirts are $20. You choose the size and the color. Please contact me if you'd like to order one and I'll get you in touch with the momma who makes them.

Again, please be praying for this sweet family.

Thank you!

Happy Wednesday!

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