Tuesday, March 10, 2015

It's coming! (hint: not just spring)

Spring is on the way in! And I couldn't be more excited! I took the dog for a walk last night after school and she (and I) loved being outside in the sunshine.

But spring isn't the only thing on the way in--house selling season is coming! I don't know what it is about spring (and summer too), but so many more houses pop up on the market around March/April/May. Don't you think? Maybe I'm just losing my mind.

So here's the thing...if you're in our area and you're wanting to buy or sell a house. We've got the guy for you. (and no...this is not a sponsored post) Plus--I told you over here that I'd have more information for you about our wonderful realtor!

Our pal, Emmett Lynch, works at Coldwell Banker in Grand Forks. Call him up, I dare you.
*Emmett recently moved back to Minnesota, so if you're in the Twin Cities area, look him up*

Here's our story--we started "working" with a different realtor by accident. We saw a house we wanted to know more information about, called the office, and were assigned to this lady. And while that might work for some people, it wasn't for us. She showed us three or four houses the first time we met with her face-to-face. 

I know that the market in Grand Forks is outrageous. Trust me. I understand. But what I don't understand is treating us like we aren't important enough because we won't spend enough money. And then using the excuse "I don't like working with young couples because I don't want them to get in over their heads." Yes, that is what she told us (in person, on the phone, email, etc). 

After multiple comments like that, we made the decision to switch realtors. Last fall, I remembered seeing something about Emmett joining the real estate world on Facebook. I asked Kyle if he thought I should contact Emmett and see if he'd work with us. So I did.

How do I know Emmett? We actually took classes together in the Education Program at UND. We had a few classes together and worked on a few projects during that time. Honestly, I wasn't sure if he would remember me. 

After my first email to Emmett, and I was reassured that he did in fact remember me, we started to pick out some houses to tour. From day 1 of our partnership with Emmett, he did so much work for us and he treated us like we mattered.

Time after time. House after house. Kyle and I would revel in the fact that Emmett was putting in so much work behind the scenes. He would call other realtors to set up showings for us. He would meet with us any time we wanted. AND--he was still working his other job, as a farmer.

When our house came on the market (on Tuesday), I called Emmet and said, "There's this house we want to see. We know it's the middle of beet season, so whenever you can get back to town--we'd love to get in." Emmett asked right away, "I won't be back to town until Thursday, but how well do you like it? Do you think this could be it?"

"Yes--we love it. It really could be it, so Thursday works well. Just let us know when you get back to town."

We set up a time to see the house and Emmett said he'd call us if anything changed. Meanwhile, Kyle & I prayed hard that "if this is the house" God wanted us in, that He'd make it work.

Wednesday rolled around and Kyle and I were getting excited to see the house on Thursday. We know some of the previous owners, so Kyle visited with them. We even contemplated putting an offer in without seeing the house, since houses were going so fast in town.

But! I got a phone call from Emmett Wednesday afternoon asking if we'd want to take a look at the house THAT NIGHT!?! Of course!

When we met Emmett at the house Wednesday evening, we asked him, "We thought you weren't going to be in town until tomorrow? What brought you back?"

And Emmett replied, "If me not setting up a showing tonight kept you from getting the house you're meant to be in, I'd kick myself."

That, my friend, is a great realtor. He drove over an hour, one way, to set up a showing for a house we had a hunch on.

If you are looking to buy or sell a house in the area (not just GF proper), consider giving Emmett a call. He will work for you and he will make sure that your voice is heard.

*More to come on the house saga, but I needed to share about our awesome realtor...especially with spring arriving!*


  1. Maybe someday I can use him to help me buy a house in the GF area!

    1. You really should! He's awesome--we are very thankful that we found such an awesome realtor to help us purchase our first home.


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