Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Jamestown: The Buffalo City

We are very blessed that we live so close to both of our families. Husband's family is only two and a half hours away and my family is only an hour away. Unfortunately his siblings are a bit further, so it makes it trickier to get home on the holidays due to work schedules.

Praise the Lord for cars and weekends, though!

We were able to go see his sister and her husband this weekend. They had a six and a half (ish) hour drive to get home for the weekend! Wowza! 

The only flaw in the plan was that Husband had a concert. Sooooo....we had supper with my brother and his lady friend where I drew thisssss lovely picture.

And then we went to Husband's concert afterward. They sang Handel's Messiah. The WHOLE. THANG. Wowza. We were in a beautiful cathedral with beautiful people and music.

Husband is right in the middle.

Our friend Evan is right behind the director and
 our friend Emily is to the right of the director.

Only after that did we get to leave for the Buffalo City. It was a snowy, dark drive, but it was worth it. On that drive I was able to work on my sister's gift and have some quality time with my guy.

Getting to spend time with Kyle's family is really fabulous. We knew that we were heading there this coming Sunday, but with his sister and her husband not being able to make it, we wanted to spend time with them. It wasn't a mistake at all.

We slept in on Saturday, enjoyed breakfast with everyone, and got to visit grandma! Then Saturday evening, we went to see Husband's baby sister sing in the University of Jamestown's Christmas Concert. She's adorable and so sweet. It was a great time to relax and revel in the relationships we have with each other.

Per usual, we had  to play games on Saturday night. It's not a night with the family unless we play games at some point. Here's a look at Pit. As a small child, this is the version that I remember. Bell and all. I sat out of this game and it was hilarious to watch the turns the game took.

And then...Sunday morning it was time to take off. Our drive home was faster than anticipated and we are really looking forward to heading back this weekend!


  1. I'm not sure you can write a post about Jamestown, specifically call it the Buffalo City, and then not include a picture of said buffalo.

    PS- Did I ever tell you my phone now defaults to "Lamestown?" It's probably one of my more entertaining accomplishments to date. :)

    1. You're right! When we're in Jamestown this weekend/next week, I'll take a few photos of the buffalo. :) I just didn't want to use a stock photo.

  2. I think the only reason buffalo city is cool, isbecause of the entzels.

  3. The only reasonbuffalo city is cool, is because of the entzels


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