About Us

We are both Midwest born and raised who met at college and became friends. Seriously
Two and a half years later, we decided to try this dating thing. 
Almost 13 months after our first date, we got engaged. 
Less than four months later we were married. 
And now, six years after we met, three and a half years after our first date, and two and a half years after our wedding--we are in a home with a dog and real grown-up jobs.
And we have a little nugget on the way!
#babybearlewis or #leweyg arrived August 2 (9 days late) and has been the perfect addition to our family.

Just a few (1 or 2) days old
Just about 6 months

We love Jesus, family, friends, our home, and the challenges life throws our way.
*I'm fairly confident that I can speak for Kyle when I say these things. 

I love to read, crochet, quilt, bake, and cook, and be busy almost all day long. 

Kyle loves music, reading, projects, and alone time.
We get along real well. :)

We plan out our meals based on silly names like "Taco Tuesday" or "Weftover Wednesday". Every Friday is our homemade pizza and a movie (or T.V. show...depends on the week) night.
We drink coffee like it's going out of style.
There's a Husky tool cart in our dining room...as our kitchen cart. The entire top drawer is filled with loose leaf and bags of tea.
I love my iPhone. Kyle forgets he has a mobile phone. We've since updated to Androids...and I think we're liking them. The compatibility with Google is awesome!
Butter and cream are staples in our home. *Thank you, Kyle*
We have so many cookbooks that they get their own bookshelf.

This is just a short snippet into our lives. Get to know us. We'd love to get to know you.

*I'm an affiliate of Amazon and may get paid for links that you click on through this here blog. All of the reviews are my own opinion and there is no change in price through these links. Thank you for supporting my family.*

Updated: 2/10/17

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  1. The more I get to know you--- the more I love you both for you are the music to the song, the rhyme to the reason, and joy to the laughter! Keep being you and as another love enters your lives-- may s/he embody the peace and joy evidenced in your lives!


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