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K+K Entzel
What we're all about. 
Who we are and what we love. Here's a follow-up to the linked post.

How Many Things Can I Learn in a Year? 
A little reflection on our first year of marriage. 

Christmas is on the way... 
Just a mini photo shoot of Christmas photos for 2014.

Baby + Loss
Happy Due Date, Baby!

A Little Announcement...
Yep, we're having a baby.

On Healing...

Five Things I Already Know and I'm a FTM (to-be)  
People seem to give you such well-meaning advice...and yet, sometimes it's not helpful.
 Vacation--Say What? 
We went on a fabulous road trip last summer and I issued a challenge.

House Hunting
  It's coming! (hint: not just spring)
The story of our realtor and how he helped us find our home
A house, you say?
A short update about our house and homeownership.

Dear Sixteen Year Old Me 
I think this title is fairly self explanatory.

 Yipes! It's been a while... 
A little challenge at my previous school.

I got a new tattoo.

Popular Labels
Book Talks/Reviews

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