Sunday, February 9, 2014

Yipes! It's been a while...

I was just looking at my last post and I realize it's been a while...a little too while. School is back in full swing with the kiddos doing lots of hard work and helping others around them.

Last week we had a diaper drive for our secretary. She had twins about a month ago, plus she has a 3 year old! She'll be busy! So one of our school organizations decided to sponsor a diaper drive. Basically, the students (and teachers) bring in diapers to donate to the sweet little bebes and their momma. As we bring in diapers (or money...20 cents per diaper) there are prizes awarded. The first prize to win is a school wide movie before our long weekend. The next few tiers include different staff members who will be 1. dying their hair or 2. shaving their heads. If we made it to 4,500 diapers the superintendent said he'd shave his head.

Well, we made 4,500 by one of my juniors came to me. He said, "Mrs. Entzel, if we make it to 5,500 diapers by tomorrow, would you be willing to color your hair? Please?" And with a smile, it was impossible to say no.

So tomorrow, 1st hour, I will be getting my hair colored (a temp color!) pink or purple! Yipes! Pictures will follow. Tomorrow is also 10 on get ready!

Good night, homies.


  1. My vote is for purple! But pink is always nice too!

    1. We will see...someone is binging it whatever she brings, I'll use. :)


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