Friday, July 4, 2014

The First Year (not just ours)

I was asked to speak at my cousin's fiancee's bridal shower last weekend *a few weekends ago...oops!*. So...I needed to come up with something unique to tell them. So I asked a friend (who is about 10 months deep into her first year of marriage) and my husband to help give some advice. Coupled with my "advice", here's what we've got!

*Make sure to check back later next week for an anniversary *say what?!* update as well as a "Year 'By the Numbers'"...*

Many people have heard countless pieces of advice about marriage and life with spouses. Those of us who are married may have even had the advice directed at us. Who in here has received or heard the piece of advice that says, “never go to bed angry with your husband”? Many of us have. Just last night I was visiting with a friend about the very topic of “Newlywed Advice” and what we’ve learned since being married (she’s been married 7 years). Her response to “never go to bed angry/upset with your husband”? “Sometimes I just need a cool down period. It’s okay to go to bed mad with your husband.” She’s called it the best advice she’s ever received.

So, upon speaking to others who are in their first year of marriage--here’s some advice or things we’ve learned in our first year.

•The things you love most about them will also annoy you the most.
•Listening to your wife is a skill to be practiced. Daily.
•Admiration and appreciation are action verbs.
•Just because you CAN poop with the door open doesn't mean you SHOULD.
•You learn to become a better sharer...whether you like it or not.
•Hold on tight to your first and last bites of any meal you love--he’ll try to take them.
•The first time I heard Kelly Entzel/Mrs. Entzel, I didn’t know who they were talking to. Brag about your new last name--it’ll help you get used to it.
•Make time for date night--even if it’s eating PB&J and driving around dreaming about your future together.
•Your marriage won’t and shouldn’t look like everyone else’s. Figure out what works for you and rock it.

And no matter how crazy, loud, annoying, and snarky our family can be--don’t forget--it’s because we love you and you’re part of the family.

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