Wednesday, November 26, 2014

In the spirit of Thanksgiving...

I figured that with Thanksgiving being just hours away, I should join with the masses and talk about what I'm thankful for.

Here's a very condensed list of what I'm thankful for:

a job
a home
a car
gas in my car
money to buy gifts for people

Now that I've got "the list" out of the way, here's the thing... I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of two wonderful families.

Munters 2014

 Kyle & nephew 2013

 me & nephew 2014

niece & me 2014


Eric, Amanda, Kyle, & me July 2014

After sharing all of these photos, I just am struck with how blessed we are. Both sets of parents are so supportive and loving. They spoil each and every one of their children (and in-laws). We seriously have the best siblings ever. Older and younger siblings alike are some of our best friends. If ya'll are reading this...we don't see some of you often enough, but we really do appreciate and love all of you. We've got the best niece & nephew ever (and one more on the way)! We LOVE being aunt and uncle to you. All-in-all, we love each and every one of you. And if we ever forget to tell you, don't hesitate to remind us.

Happy Thanksgiving and we love you all!


  1. I seriously love that blue dress you are wearing in the Munter 2014 picture. If you ever decide to sell it, hook a sister up! :)

  2. Aaaannnnddddd... I'm thankful for you too. I suppose.



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