Monday, December 15, 2014

Twin Cities Favorites!

Kyle and I just returned from a conference in Bloomington, MN. While we were there, we spent time with family, met some new friends, and ate some good food. We had a good time and we look forward to returning to the MSP area soon.

We always say that--but we really do mean it!

While we were in the Twin Cities (and 'burbs), I kept thinking back to my time at NWC UNWSP. I spent one year of my college career in St. Paul and I fell in love with some places in the area. Granted...I wasn't there quite long enough to find all of the hidden gems in the bustling metro, I did quickly find my favorites. It also feels like I find a new favorite almost every time we venture back. So here are my:

5 Places You Should Visit When in MSP:

Brit's Pub
Do you like: Lawn bowling? Great food? A fun atmosphere?
If you answered yes to any of these three questions, check out Brit's Pub in the Nicollet Mall.

Tea Gardens
I fell in love with this place during college. My beverage of choice: their signature Iced Royal Tea with Pearls

Target Field
Any Twins fans in the house? Even if you're not a Twins fan...maybe you're rooting for their opponents. Even still...check out the brand new stadium. It's an experience all ages can enjoy.

Minneapolis Institute of Art
One of my favorite locations in Minneapolis is MIA. This museum is FREE every day and the pieces are phenomenal! They've got exhibits which rotate and certain exhibits I count on seeing every time I'm there.'s one of the best date places! *Did I mention it's free??

Walker Art Center & Sculpture Gardens
During the winter months this location might not be at the top of your list...but during any of the warmer months (basically not late Nov-early March), you'll have a fun time!

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