Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tis the Season!

You know what time it is, right? The time for joy. The time for laughter. The time for song. The time for Elementary Christmas Programs??

Can I hear a whoop whoop??


Hmm. Okay. Well, tonight is the night, folks. Kyle's second 2nd Grade Christmas Program. I'm not entirely sure what the show is, but I do know there are jungle animals that will be appearing. Monkeys, cheetahs, giraffes, etc. They'll all make an appearance and I'm sure it's going to be adorable.

They'll sing and dance and generally be so cute.

Kyle's been stressed. It's not been a pretty sight at our house. He has programs every year and somehow, I manage to be surprised that he's stressed. Seriously. What's the matter? Duh, Kelly. Your husband has a program to put on and you're just worrying about yourself. Oi. Insensitive much?

But, seriously. My commendations to all elementary music teachers. You've got a tough job and working with children isn't easy. Plus if you've got an insensitive clueless forgetful spouse at home, your work is cut out for you. Thank you for all that you do.

This season, whether you have kids at home or your friends have kids, make sure to say thank you to an elementary music teacher. They are busy (and stressed) with getting their Christmas programs going. They probably don't sleep much the week leading up to the program and odds are, their spouse/SO is frustrated because they don't know how to help.

Not only are they getting their students ready for programs, they're probably rehearsing for their own performances. Here's the music teacher in my life, singing in the annual Sing Along Messiah.

As much as this is about Elementary Christmas Programs, it's also about being appreciative of those around you. I need to remember that in this season, it's not all about me. It's not all about what I want and how I think things should look.

And now that you're significantly bored and ready for this post to be done. I bid you adieu!

Happy Friday Eve!


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