Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Two Months: Lewis

Lewis is 2 months old! Time has flown by.

At his 2 month appointment (3 weeks after his 1 month appointment), Lewis was up to 9lbs 10oz and almost 23in long! What the what?!

He's becoming more and more expressive and he loves to visit with anyone who will take the time to talk to him. 

He knows his momma and daddy's voices. We're frequently greeted with a large, gummy grin. 

He's officially in 0-3 month clothing and size 1 diapers. Unfortunately, his 0-3 month jammies are quickly becoming too short. I have a feeling we'll be buying some 3-6 month jammies soon...

And clearly, he's even expressive in his sleep. 

He loves looking at himself. Especially when it involves snapchat filters! The bunny videos are his favorite.

 He's alert a lot more during the day and he's taking longer, less frequent naps. For a long while he didn't like being put down to nap. And then this happened.

Lewis is so loved and we are loving watching him grow.

In cased you missed it, here's: Month One.

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