Thursday, February 9, 2017

5 Things I'm Thankful I Had at the End of my Pregnancy

As we come up on a year since we announced Lewis' impending arrival earth-side, I've been doing a lot of reminiscing on my pregnancy. Aubrey has asked me what I miss about being pregnant. So I've been thinking about what I loved; I've also been thinking about was not so fun. The reminiscing has been fun. And God-willing, I'll be pregnant again one day so I can (hopefully) experience these things again.

But. This is a big BUT. I pray that I'm fortunate enough to never be super pregnant in the summer ever again. I was born in September and I see now why my mom had the rest of her kids in the spring. It's brutal to be super pregnant in June & July.

With all of the reminiscing I've done the last few weeks, I've found 5 things I'm so thankful for toward the end of my pregnancy. I'll qualify the end as the last 8-ish weeks.

This is not sponsored in any way...I just couldn't live without these at the end of it all.

1 | Zantac
I started having heartburn right around 20 weeks. For a while, I was trying the "natural", non-medication routes. I tried chewing gum, smelling peppermint, ginger... But by about 25 weeks I started in on the TUMS. I was eating those things like candy. Super chalky candy, but candy nonetheless. Around 37 weeks, my Dr told me to start taking Zantac, because my heartburn had really ramped up.

So, I went to SAM's Club and bought these. She told me to take two a day, even if I didn't feel any symptoms. And I didn't have heartburn for the next 4 weeks!

2 | Birkenstocks
By the time I hit mid-May, most of my shoes didn't fit. So I was extremely thankful that it was warming up enough that I could slide my sausages feet into these puppies. I could've squeezed into other shoes perhaps...maybe my TOMS or a pair of flats...either way, my Birks were the way to go.

 I bought mine at Scheels, but you can find them here, here, and here.

I ended up having to loosen them to the last hole...and my feet still swelled around them. #michelinman

3 | Stretchy shirts & leggings
I basically lived in Old Navy maternity tops by the end of my pregnancy. They were affordable and they were so comfy.

Not only did I love my ON ts, but I loved leggings. I'm so thankful that leggings are "in" and that I was able to wear them as pants...because being largely pregnant in the summer is no fun. And if you have to try to wear real pants??

I loved this pair from Target. I loved that they were full panel and that they were capri AND that they were the "athletic-ey" material.

And the pair that I wore the most?


They're also Old Navy...they're full panel and they're not expensive. I loved them so much I bought another pair when my first wore out. If you're buying maternity pants, go full panel. You'll never regret it.

4 | Yoga ball
I registered for one of these for our wedding registry with the intent that I'd use it as a chair at my desk. Well, it was a little shorter than I was I deflated it and it sat in a box for 2.5 years.

Then all of the sudden, my hips killed and I read online (the most reliable of sources) that sitting on a yoga ball for 30 min or more per day can alleviate pain in your hips and help induce labor. Well...sign me up!
Not the same yoga ball I have, but the closest I could find.
Seriously, it felt so good on my hips and lower back. But did it induce labor? No way. Gah.

5 | Chromecast
We bought a Chromecast a few years ago and were so excited to use it with our phones, iPad, and computers. But it didn't work on anything but my phone! Boo. We decided to return it.

Now fast-forward a few years...Kyle bought me a new one for the TV in my sewing room. It's awesome because I can spend time down there and watch tv while I'm sewing or listen to Pandora. And it's worked so well!

This summer it really came in handy because it was SO hot in our house, that I hibernated in the bedroom in our basement. And if I had to hibernate in the basement, what better thing to be doing than watching TV! I watched a lot of Netflix...don't ask what...just know that I did. Okay okay. I watched all of the new Grey's season in like a week? No, I am not ashamed. And it was all possible because of my handy little Chromecast.

Image result for chromecast 

Also, Kyle and I streamed a lot of Veep through Amazon Prime on our computers to the Chromecast. Best. Decision. Yet. 

What about you other new-ish moms? What are you thankful you had there at the end? Please do share!

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