Friday, October 27, 2017

Five on Friday | 10.27

Linking up with April for another round of Five on Friday!

one | snow

We had our first snow yesterday. I saw a handful of my friends who were excited about it. I, on the other hand, was not excited. Fall is my time. I love it. And as nice as it is to layer up and not be sweaty all of the time (summer is the worst), it's SO nice to have a decent fall. Plus, Halloween with a toddler will be chilly. But, such is life when you live in the Upper Midwest.

two | macaroni tot dish

I was perusing my IG stories last night and I found a recipe for mac and cheese tater tot hotdish (WHAT?!). My sentiments exactly. I was stoked. PLUS it was a recipe that was adapted from Molly Yeh's recipe from #mollyontherange. I love this cookbook and you will too. Order it on Amazon here.

When I saw this recipe on IG, I did a Kimmy Schmidt and was all "What in the ham sandwich?!". For reals. How have I never thought to put tots on top of my baked mac & cheese?! That being said, it's on our menu for next week. Here's a screenshot from Sara at Cake over Steak that I took so I could remember the recipe. Hah. And now that I've found her, I plan to continue reading her blog. #love 
I mean, c'mon. How cute is that?!

three | workouts

I've decided that on the nights where Kyle works until 8, I'm going to work out. Yeah, I know. So. Much. Fun. And last night I really wasn't feeling it. But I knew that I'd feel better if I did. So, off to the basement to get a short workout in.

I dug up this oldie from the annals of YouTube. Which reminded me of my freshman year of college. There were MANY nights where Alyssa, Mishawn, and Charissa would do these workouts in our room. I may have joined in a time or two. But, man. Look at the quality.

I was able to get in 8 min abs, 8 min arms, and half of 8 min buns. #workoutchamp #yeahright

four | Halloween

Halloween is coming up and Lewis is going to be a dragon. Kyle suggested that I not post any pics until Halloween and even though I have a SUPER cute/hilarious pic of him in his costume, we'll wait to show him off until next week. But let's just say, he's going to be a super cute dragon.

And I was able to score his costume at one of my favorite stores, TJ Maxx. And for only $20, it's a costume that will hold up for more than one kid! #momjoys

Here's our little Charlie Brown from last Halloween to tide you over until next week.

five | what fall means

October is almost over and that means that deer hunting is nearly upon us. My family has hunted for my entire life and I'm soooo excited that Kyle has joined in on the tradition. So for the next three weekends, we will be traveling home to hopefully score some deer to put in our freezer over the long, chilly winter. Send your happy vibes our way! And I can't wait to put Lewis in more blaze orange and Carhart. #hearteyesallday

And with that, it's Friday again and I can't wait to spend time with my sister tonight. I hope you all have a safe and fun weekend. See you next week!

Happy Friday!

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