Thursday, October 23, 2014

A House Hunting Update

Well, what can I say?

We've looked.
We've loved.
We've offered.
We've negotiated.
and negotiated.
We've lost.

And you know what I say about that?

Bring it on.

For reals, though. Even though we loved the house we put an offer in on, we know God's in control. Clearly, (as hard as it is to recognize and move on) that's not the house He has in mind for us. And while I struggled with that (for quite a while), I've come to accept that fact. Not only accept that we now are looking for the house for us, but rejoice for our friends.

You've gotta be thinking, "Say what?!"

Yep. Some of our good friends had their offer (for the same house we wanted) accepted! So even though we won't be living in that house, we still get to visit. :) And maybe our children can play together one day. (No we don't have children, nor will we in the near--10 months-ish--future) But one day!

Now, we're back to square one. Finding a house we love that suits our needs. And ultimately, finding the house that God has for us. It'll just take a little patience.

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