Thursday, October 9, 2014

Help! What should we do?

Okay okay okay. I know you've been dying to know how our House Hunting, but I'm sorry to tell you--"You'll have to wait a little longer..." I know, I know...the suspense is killing you.

BUT! I do have some exciting news! Aubrey, over at Be.Do.Say.Go (in Bangkok), and I are contemplating a new challenge for the new year.


I know what you're thinking, "But for's not even winter yet...don't talk about 2015 yet."

But hold on to your horses. We are wanting to start a blog book club. Sweet Bonnie, over at The Life of Bon, has a virtual book club. You can check it out here. It's pretty great.

I tried to join in last month...and I really fell behind. So, Aubrey and I were thinking we'd trade off months of hosting. 

So, this post is a cry for help from YOU! Yes, my dear readers. You can help us. Please send us one (or five) books you were supposed to read in High School, but never did. You can comment below, give us a shout-out on twitter (see my sidebar to follow me), a tag on Instagram (again...see sidebar), or even on the good ole Book of Faces. Hit us up. Let us know what you "read" in High School (I put read in quotations because your teacher thought you read the book, but you really didn't. Sorry Laurie,  Mary, & Patty!) and we will post a list in the next few months (before Jan.1, scouts honor) so you can join along.

Whew! That was a rough paragraph. My apologies. that I've bored inspired you to think back to High School, good luck!

And don't forget to contact us, PLEASE! I really do love hearing from you! 


  1. Ahem...I read every book I was assigned in high school thankyouverymuch. Sounds like my relative/blogger did not?

    1.'s the thing...I STARTED all of my books in High School. That's gotta count for something?

    2. Ahem, I ALSO read every book I was assigned to in high school....I would have to research which books I did not read as THOROUGHLY as others.

    3. AS did I.....I would have to recall which books I did not read as THOROUGLY as others...

    4. Ahh...maybe that's what happened to me?
      Does it make a difference if I read some books multiple times?

  2. I managed to miss Lord of the Flies!

    1. We might have to put that on our list! I never read it either...


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