Friday, March 13, 2015

Five on Friday: What I need to buy next

We have a dog. And she gets so excited to see us. How great is that? She's so happy to see us after school, after meetings, etc. BUT! This week she got too excited. She was so excited that!

So, that happened. Which leads me to my first item of business for this week's Five on Friday.


I need to go find a new pair of flats. I loved my purple flats from Target...but they're sooo two seasons ago. So, now off I go. What about these, these, these, or these? I know they're no bright purple faux-suede...but maybe I'll like em? Either way--I'm not happy with that dog. Even IF she's excited to see me.

Okay...maybe I do like her...just a little.


I'm going to a baby shower tomorrow. So I'm thinking about making a gift. Maybe some of this along with some of this on top? Or maybe this for the top? Thoughts?


So we're thinking about buying hockey tickets for this weekend. And I'm excited that these guys are playing this weekend in the first round of the NCHC playoffs! #1 ranked UND plays #8 ranked Colorado College this weekend in a best of three series. The winner of this weekend's series goes on to play at the Frozen Faceoff next weekend in Minneapolis, MN.


I wish I could buy some flowers to grow. But...I'm nervous that spring isn't truly here. Sad. 


Finally--I know I've already posted about it--but I can't wait to get "Go Set a Watchmen" by Harper Lee!

Happy Friday!



  1. The Ona flats are my main work shoes this year. They are an okay flat. They are definitely showing their wear and tear this year and I feel like I have been nicer to them than I am most work shoes in North Dakota. Get the Kendall flats in snakeskin (natural) print... Super cute!


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