Friday, March 27, 2015

March Madness

Well--this post doesn't necessarily have to do with the NCAA March Madness going on right now...even though my bracket is now crap. *Sorry Kyle, I'm out $10
But it DOES have to do with how crazy this month has gone by. I mean, seriously. I was just sitting in my living room marveling at the fact that March was neigh upon us. And then, BAM!, here it's over. And that means a few things for our family.

No more double payments on living arrangements. We don't have to pay on our apartment and our mortgage anymore. One payment from here on out. AND, I do believe we are getting our deposit back too! Don't get me wrong, I loved our time in our first apartment together. And there were times that I loved our second apartment too. But being in our own home has made me very grateful for everything we've been blessed with.

Only 10--yes, you read that right--10 more weeks of school left FOR.THE.YEAR! Year #1 in a new school, in a new district, and it's FLOWN by! Only 4 more weeks (really 3 1/2) left in our "semester" and then our last 6 week block. I feel that I've grown as a teacher and as a person these last 9-ish months. I'll elaborate more on that at a later date.

We are in the throes of home improvement planning for the summer. Check out my insta for some photos that give a little tease of what we're thinking. And the hashtag #homeimproving on IG has our specific home projects. (click my IG button--do it. Then request to follow me. Do it.)

I'm so excited to try this out this spring. I love plants. I love gardening. And I love greenhouses.
How great is it that this had a rebate? It was only $10 afterward.

How perfect will this be in my our bare backyard??

Aubrey's time has come! She's hosting this month's book club discussion. And since she's the boss hostess, she's decided that her review won't be up until Monday. Capisce? Cap-osh.

Here are her discussion questions for this month's book--Wuthering Heights

Now go have a good weekend and don't forget to finish reading the book! See you soon!

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