Monday, May 18, 2015

Let it snow, Let it snow...Wait! It's May 18! {By the Numbers}

Yeah, you read that right. It's snowing.

On May 18.

But that's okay. Because with the forecast for the rest of the week, we're looking at mostly sunny with highs in the 70s!


So I figured that today was as good as any, to do a By the Numbers. It's been a while since I've hosted, why not?

As teachers, we look forward to summer. Not necessarily because we get a break (because I'm hoping to teach summer school this year & Kyle is hoping to help a beekeeper--another story for another day), but because we have a new routine. Sure--some of us do get a legit vacation, but most of us have additional jobs, we work on our curriculum, or we even take grad classes. And some of us have family obligations (por ejemplo--weddings coming out of our ears!!) that can't be attended to during the school year.

And if you've survived that crazy train, here's the rest of my school year By the Numbers.

626 miles

7 meetings

5 dinner dates

4 graduation gifts to buy

3 graduation ceremonies

2 birthday presents to make/send

2 graduation parties to attend

1 wedding
1 Federal Holiday

And only
17 days to do it all in

As always, grab the button and join in!


  1. Ugh, I know. Why snow in mid-May?! Thankfully it's already gone and it's nice again. The weather has been so bipolar up here lately.


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