Friday, October 30, 2015

Five on Friday: Looking forward to

Here's another edition of Five on Friday! It's been a while, so here. we. go.

One | Tattoos

My pal, carrie, and I are going to Fargo to get new tattoos next Saturday(!). How is it that we've already arrived at November 7th (next Saturday)?! It's been a long time in coming and Aubrey and I were supposed to get our next tatts together. My goal was to lose 20lbs before getting my next tattoo and we were supposed to go this last June when Aubrey was in town. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. I hadn't lost 20lbs and she was busy finishing her Master's and I was busy working. Hmmph. So. No tatt.

BUT! Then carrie mentioned that we should go get tattoos this fall. (I felt like a traitor to Aubrey...sorry!) And I've officially lost those pesky 20lbs. So tatts next Saturday it is!

Here it is!

Two | Deer Hunting

In my family, deer season is a holiday. For as long as I can remember, as many of us gather at Grandpa and Grandma's farm and we eat potato klub, drink coffee, tell stories, and laugh. Opening weekend of the deer season is November 7. Yep. The same day as the tattoo shindig. It's going to be a fun weekend!

As we've gotten older, it's been harder and harder for all of us cousins to get together at the farm. This year, Aaron and his family will not be able to make it (as far as I know), since they now live in Alabama. For many years, Josh, Aaron, and Aanders would tell stories about their adventures tracking, dragging, cleaning, loading, hauling deer. One year Aaron shot two deer with one bullet (!). This information has still not been corroborated, so don't shoot the messenger (ba dum tss). Sorry, bad pun. Another year, Josh was driving the jeep with Aaron and Aanders inside and apparently it was so rough, Aaron thought he was going to fall out. To that Josh replied, "Hold on and look savage."

It's even a great opportunity to take 
photos for your Christmas cards!
Three | Veterans Day

This year we have Veterans Day off! I think this is the first year since I've been teaching (I know...not many years, but still) that we've had Nov. 11 off. Not only that, but Kyle and I have the day off together. How awesome! Maybe we'll go have breakfast at our favorite diner and find a 11/11 service somewhere.

Four | Friends-giving

Friends-giving is a concept that I've been familiar with for a while now, but I've never participated in one. Kyle's sister invited us to a shindig that they're hosting with another couple friend of ours. When the six of us get together, we genuinely have a great time and I'm so thankful to have been invited. We asked what we could bring and she told us dessert. So now the question becomes cupcakes or pie? Who am I kidding, or both?

Five | Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving with my family is always a big deal. One year we are with my mom's family and the other we're with my dad's family. It just so happens that we only see my mom's family with the rotation we've been on for holidays. This year Thanksgiving is at my uncle and aunt's house and I've been asked to bring dessert. What do you think? Cheesecake? Mini cheesecake? Cupcakes? Pie? The options are limitless. Well...except that one aunt doesn't eat chocolate and two of my cousins can't have protein, so there's that.

What are you really looking forward to? Happy Halloween tomorrow!

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