Tuesday, October 20, 2015

What's Happening: Sick Edition

Yikes. Where to start? What do you all do when you're under the weather?

Kyle has been sick for much of the start of school (probably at least half of the first 8 weeks). I just got sick last week and I don't see the end of it until at least this weekend.

So to help us sleep at night and to hopefully help us feel better, I've been diffusing like crazy. It started with Young Living's Purification to help with the sore throats and to help keep the air in our house fresh.

I recently received my newest Young Living order and so now I've been diffusing Thieves right before we go to sleep and right as we wake up in the morning to help kill some of these cold germs floating through our house.

 I'm not entirely sure if it's working or not...but only time will tell. These have been my two go-to oils for the sickies in our house (both of us). 

But, what do you do when your house is sick? Help a sister out!

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