Friday, December 2, 2016

Five on Friday

Joining A.Liz Adventures for Five on Friday!

one | Lewis is 4 months old today

See a post about him coming up soon.

two | Holiday Cookie Exchange

We are going to a cookie exchange tomorrow. I'm thinking we'll make the same cookies that Josh and I made 3 years ago.

three | Bridal Shower

One of my cousins is getting married this month and I offered to host a bridal shower for her. And it's tomorrow. And Kyle's not too happy that I waited until the last minute to clean the house again. Sorry, sleepy! So that's on my agenda for tonight. But I'm thinking the menu is going to be:

Coffee Cake
Egg Bake

Sound like an okay plan? I sure hope so.

four | AUBREY

She's coming to visit! It's been months since I've seen birthday weekend to be exact. And I'm excited to spend time with her again. Finally.

five | Supper tonight.

I have no clue what to make. Any suggestions?? Please help! I'm thinking this, this, or this.

Unless you have any suggestions?

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