Monday, January 9, 2017

Five Months: Lewis

This is a week late, but with baby Charlotte's surgery being today, I didn't want another post on here before her get better day. Updates will be posted to the original post about Charlotte. So keep checking there.

Lewis turned 5 months last Monday. We were still on Christmas break and loving it.

He didn't have an appointment this month, so I'm not sure what his stats are. But he has been growing like crazy. He's still a peanut, but he's tall.

Lewis loves to visit and he loves people. (I'm not entirely sure where he got that from...) And he's interested in learning about everything going on around him.

In the last month, Lewis has had two snow days (the third being after his 5 mo marker), celebrated a whole week of Christmas, went to his first wedding, celebrated his first New Years, learned to nap by himself (YES!), and has gotten sick again. Stinking colds.

Three new things he's started this month are: making a really loud "mmmmmmmm" sound whenever he's unhappy...hungry, tired of being with a certain toy, tired of tummy time, etc....resting his arm over whatever he's leaning against, and folding his hands when he's pleased with himself.

We love you, Lewis. And we are so glad you're here!

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