Friday, January 20, 2017

Five on Friday

It's Friday! This has been the longest short week of the year... I know, I know. The year has barely begun. Let's join April for Five on Friday.

one | Inauguration

We watched the Inauguration in class today. Some students grumbled, some were happy for the break. But a common theme that we discussed was the fact that even though we might not be happy with the outcome of this most recent election, it's important to not wish failure upon our new president. I was impressed with most students' maturity in response to a new president that they didn't vote for. I hope this is a reflection of who they'll continue to be as adults.

two | supper

A friend posted a photo to her IG story of their supper this week. Sweet potato zoodle pad thai. Uhm. Can you say, "Yum"?? She shared the recipe with me and I'm so excited to try it tonight. We may even add some chicken for a little more protein.

Here's the link from Chelsea's Choices. Check out my snap story if you want to see any updates.

three | Lewis

He's starting to become mobile! I laid him down the other day by his blue cow...and he shimmied his way over and fell asleep on the floor. He cracks me up.

four | family

We spent our long MLK weekend in Iowa with Kyle's sister and her family. It was nice to be away from home and spending time with people we don't see often enough. Lewis had a great time with his aunt, uncle, and cousin. And then the drive home didn't go so well. He slept for 2.5 (ish) hours and then screamed most of the way home. Oi.

five | LLR

Time for some clothes talk. I hosted a LuLaRoe party this last week and it was so fun! It was an online party, so it was even easier to shop because you could browse from your couch in your sweats. My friend, Ashley, is a LLR retailer and she's awesome! She made the party so much fun and she was so personable for my friends to shop with. Go check her out on Facebook. Her weekly parties are on Wednesdays!

And if you host a party, you have the chance to win some free clothes!

Go check out other Five on Friday posts and have a great weekend!

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