Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Life Happens

Holy Cow...has it been forever since I've updated here. This last year has been nutso...summer flew by with grad school and being home with Lewis. This fall was crazy busy with getting back into the school year AND taking 2 grad classes. So now we're finally slowing down, but not for too long.

Lewis is now 2 and loving life. He's recently transitioned into a new daycare and so far, so good. There have been some tears at drop off, but he's typically chipper and ready to see momma when she arrives after school. He's chattering up a storm and looking more and more grown up by the day.

Kyle is still in sales at a local music store. He's been there a year and is still loving it. Plus...he's only days away from the big 3-0! Woot!

And I'm still teaching and working on grad school. This semester I'm only taking one class and that's ok, because... We're having another little peanut this spring!! Woo! I'm 25 weeks and it feels like a lifetime ago that we found out, but we are so thankful for a healthy baby and momma thus far.

It's been a full year of emotions, school, learning, and growth...but 2019 is already looking up.

So...tell me. What are YOU looking forward to this year?

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