Wednesday, February 27, 2019

32 Weeks and Food.

It's here...32 weeks and the last two months! I'm not sure how that can be the case, but here we are and hopefully the weather doesn't stretch these eight weeks into feeling like 18.

And with that...I've been wanting all of the carbs and citrus. So it's great that I live in the Midwest where the only good fruit we can get this time of year is citrus. And since I love to bake, these bagels  have been on the ready at our house.

But these bagels have been so tasty. I made them on Friday before we left for the weekend and I would eat one every day. And since I have no shame, I'm going to share some pictures...proud bagel momma, over here.

        The boiling process.                          And the cinnamon sugar bagels, pre oven.

And my fav--everything.

And the toppings, of course.
These bagels have been a hit at our house. Lew devoured one last night right before bed and Kyle wants to make bagel sandwiches now. So that's what we'll be prepping before baby gets here, I do believe.

On that note, Bean Sprout is probably just shy of 4 lbs and approximately the size of a cantaloupe. 

Image result for cantaloupe image 

Should you ever find yourself in Minneapolis with time on your hands, we had some great food and saw some awesome art!
Eggy's Diner - Minneapolis (I had a fantastic burger! And it was so filling)


The MIA is one of my favorite places to go. It's free and houses hours of art for you to peruse. Right now the special exhibit is Egypt's Sunken Cities. We didn't see it, but it looked impressive.

Mr. Pig Suff BBQ is in Shakopee and we got the dinner for 2. Boy was it tasty. Plus our company was pretty great too. 

So, we're home from our little babymoon and the plan is to hunker down and stay cozy until baby gets here. If you need us we'll be baking, doing laundry, and finishing a few house projects.

Happy Wednesday!

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