Tuesday, April 2, 2019

It's Baby Month!

April is here and that means baby is right around the corner. And no...I'm not playing around like with Lew. Yes he was due the 24th and was born on the 2nd, but this one will be here by the end of the month. Honest.

That being said, here's a little update:

Weeks:  37! Full term, baby!

Feeling: Lots of hip pain. And I'm exhausted. Last night Kyle told me that I had huge bags under my eyes. Well...that's because I'm working til the end this time around. I don't have summer break to nap my days away this time. HAH.

Cravings: None. Seriously. It's so weird.

Aversions: Again...not really anything. I'm not really loving or hating anything these days.

Moving: Verrryyy slowly. The chiropractor has helped, but baby is so large that there's not much adjusting my chiro can do. So we take everything a day at a time.

Eating: A little of everything...probably more sweets than I should. And I've never been a big fan of seafood, but my brother-in-law made shrimp scampi last week...and I couldn't get enough.

Wearing: Always maternity pants or leggings...leggings are preferred. Mostly maternity tops. ALWAYS my Blanqi tank top. And alternating between my Birkenstocks and my new Crocs.

Sleeping: Not very well. Last night there was a knee or a shin or something poking me most of the night. And I'm currently in a mountain of pillows...so Kyle can barely see me.

Exercising: I'm starting to walk a little more. If for no other reason than to start feeling better and wanting to be out enjoying the fresh air.

Size: Canary Melon
Image result for canary melon

Movement: TONS of huge movements. Baby is either shoving his/her knees into my side or flipping from side to side. It's wild in there.

Gender: Still unknown. :) We are excited to find out in just a few weeks!

Hospital bag: PACKED and PACKED! Kyle still has his to pack, but that's something he can deal with.

Misc: We have to get the car seat installed and have the Tahoe detailed and we should be good to go!

What are some last minute words of wisdom for a 2nd time mom? I'm open to all suggestions!!

Happy Tuesday!

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