Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A tish of nostalgia

Well, we're out. We are officially moved out of our apartment.

We've lived there since last March. Before that we were in our little one bedroom apartment in the 55+ building.

Our first apartment was special. It was the first place we lived together. We celebrated our first married Christmas together. We learned how to live together.

But this second apartment was special to us too. It was where we remembered what it was like to have a roommate (or two) that you're not married to. This second apartment was where we started to naturally fall into our roles in our marriage. One of us naturally has a desire to cook more. One of us naturally has the urge to do dishes more.

This was the home where we spent too many hours watching tv during supper. It was the home where we could walk across our back yard to see our good friends. It was the home that would be our last apartment before we purchased a house.

It was also:
...the home where we had downstairs neighbors whose cigarette smoke wafted in our open patio during the summer.
...the home where our across the hall neighbor had a smelly, giant white dog whose fur would clog up the vacuum in the halls and eventually wind up in our hallway.
...the home where our garage leaked every time it rained or the snow melted.

But it was still our home. It was still a place we could entertain people and make memories. It was home for a short time and part of me is sad to say goodbye.

...the rest of me is VERY HAPPY that we now have a house to call home and we won't have to rent (hopefully) ever again.


  1. I liked your apartment but I'm sure I will like your house more... Excited to see it in June! :)

    1. I can't wait for you to stay with us in our home. :) !!!


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