Monday, January 26, 2015

Ah! I'm so behind! Night questions--finally.

I know, I know, I know. I promised that I'd have discussion questions for Night for you by Saturday. I'm a failure.

This weekend was absolutely crazy. I know you don't want to know about how we were super motivated on Saturday morning and I went for a run, made breakfast, and then we cleaned the two upstairs rooms so that we could have a place for our house warming gift from my parents--a new queen sized bed. Which we thought came and we moved our current bed into the spare room. And then we set up our new frame (which came on Thursday in the mail) for the new mattress in our room. And then Kyle brought up the box with the mattress only to find this:

If you're wondering...yes. That IS 36lbs of dog food. That Kyle brought upstairs...only to have to haul it down again.

Then yesterday was madness with continuing grading and putting finishing touches on curriculum to start today with. Yikes.

All of that to say...I'm sorry. I should've gotten these questions to you sooner...especially since we are discussing THIS THURSDAY!

Enough stalling, Kelly. Right, right. Here you are!

Night Discussion Questions: January

First of all, what did you think of the book? Was it what you were expecting? Why or why not? Were you surprised with anything? If you've read it before, what new things did you notice this time around?

Wiesel describes his faith before the Holocaust. How does his faith change throughout his experiences?

What meanings could "night" have throughout the book? (figurative and literal)

Who are the victims, the bystanders, and the perpetrators in Night? Can these roles overlap at all? If so, how do they?

Which scenes from Night stood out to you most vividly? And why?

Wiesel describes himself as a "corpse" at the end of the book. How did he die during his trials and did he ever start living again?

Finally, in what way can you connect with Elie? How does he as a person influence us as readers in 2015?

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