Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A weekend recap...

...and some photos!

Well, I'm not entirely sure what to even start with!? Do I start with the part where I hurt my back on Thursday putting on my boots or do I start with being couch ridden all day Friday/Saturday? Or do I just tell you the pretty things that make our lives seem together and "with it"?

Pfft. You've already got us figured out. I'm sure of it.

But for good measure--since going to the Chiropractor didn't help (much), I spent all of Thursday afternoon and evening on the couch. I'd lay on the heating pad. I'd sit up with the heating pad behind me. I'd pace a little to stretch out my back and hips.



When I realized it only felt better to lay down and not move for hours, I had to resign myself to the fact that I would not be able to go to school on Friday. So...I hung out with these cool cats all day on Friday.

And much to my dismay, I was at the end.
The very. End.
UGH. I've been aware that the end was coming...and I couldn't have been more bummed to see it end during the morning of my day of pain.

To console myself...I slept. yep. Not just a little nap here or there. I had a good 3 hour nap on Friday afternoon. And let me tell you. It was GLORIOUS.

To show you what the rest of our weekend was like, I'll sign off with photos. But, not before I tell you that my husband is the best. I know, I know. You may think yours is pretty good. But he's not as good as mine.

I recovered all weekend and amidst rehearsals, he was cooking and preparing to host a fellow singer Friday night for Saturday night's concert AND his parents Saturday night into Sunday.

He's a trooper.

My pal during Friday

Thai Chicken Pizza

GF Master Chorale--Sanctus (Michael Strand)

This wasn't even the coldest it got!

Caramel Rolls for Sunday breakfast

World Premiere of Sanctus (Michael Strand)

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