Friday, February 27, 2015

Five on Friday--and The Glass Menagerie

Today is a day off from school. Unfortunately--much of it will still be spent grading...but I'm so thankful that I get a day at home with my husband. And it's not the weekend.

I've been loving these blogs/posts this week:

I'm linking up with her for today's Five on Five


My husband brought me coffee this morning--without me asking him to. :)

The Glass Menagerie questions go live today--and the discussion goes live tomorrow!

-Which character did you connect most with?
-What were your expectations for the play? Did the play meet or exceed your expectations? 
     (or something else)
-Overall, what were your opinions of the play? How do you feel about plays in general?
-How many stars would you give The Glass Menagerie (1-5)?

Alright! Get ready and if you've not finished the play--you've still got some time!

Happy Friday!


  1. Hope you're enjoying the day with your hubby!! Happy weekend! :)

    1. Thank you, Brenda! It was a sweet day off--a nice treat in the middle of the year!


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