Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What is winter doing?!

Winter is here. I mean, looking out the window on Monday I saw the epitome of winter in North Dakota. Snow is blowing. The sky is grey/white because of the clouds and precipitation. The wind is blowing (30mph thankyouverymuch). It’s winter.

I know that Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow, therefore we’re supposed to have an early spring. But I’m overly skeptical today. Maybe it’s because I grew up in Northern Minnesota and it seems that an “early” spring makes a debut at the end of April and a “late” spring doesn’t arrive until the end of May. But a blizzard doesn't give me much reassurance.

I don’t have high hopes for spring arriving any too “early”.

Kyle and I got phone calls from the school district Monday morning at 5:30 letting us know that it was a 2 hour late start. It was wonderful to hear that. But when I looked at the list of area schools, I was glad that I wasn’t driving anywhere. There were 80+ weather related announcements and the road reports looked rough.

So, we’re very thankful that we have jobs in town and that we have reliable vehicles to get us to and from school every day.

And on that note, who is planning a “spring break” trip? I need some warm thoughts sent my way, as I look out at the blizzard blowing outside my window.

Happy Wednesday!

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