Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Week 22

Since we've entered Spring, I'm becoming increasingly aware of how fast time is flying. We're at 22 weeks and we've only got 18 left. Wowza!

How far along: 22 weeks

Size of baby: Depending on the app, s/he is the size of a papaya, an ear of corn, or a Nalgene water bottle.

Gender: Take the poll in the right hand sidebar to cast your vote! Also...send me an email or leave a comment because I'm just curious like that.

Nursery: I'm loving the gender neutral nursery over at The Girl in the Red Shoes. Isn't it just the cutest??

Movement: Lots. Still not strong enough for Kyle to feel. In time.

Symptoms: Heartburn...not as bad. My hips still hurt from shifting...sometimes I can barely walk. Oi. I've been told a few times that I'm finally starting to look pregnant. YES! And I still don't eat terribly much. I've heard about the pregnancy (esp. 2nd tri) hunger...but I get hungry and when I eat, I get full faster. Hmm.

Sleep: For the last week or so, I've been sleeping through the night and not needing to get up. Maybe that's because I'm suuuuper exhausted or maybe things are just going well right now. And I still might take evening or mid afternoon naps...shh.

Cravings: Not much. Carbs are still my best friend. Cereal, bagels, Icees. But, if I had to, I could do without.

What I Miss: We went to JL Beers this week and someone in our party ordered a cider...and it looked real good. It's the first time I've wanted "just a taste." So far, I've been pretty content with my tonic water w/cranberry juice and a lime.  And still...sleeping on my back.

Best Moment of the Week: When Kyle said I finally looked pregnant.

Looking Forward to: Getting going on the nursery and finding daycare for fall.

Happy Tuesday!


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