Monday, March 14, 2016

Welcome to our little corner...

It's been a while since I've had an update for anyone who is new to this space. So, I figured that on a Monday, and Daylight Savings Monday to boot, I'd share a little about us and some popular posts to help you get acquainted.

Here's some information About Us and here's a follow-up to that post. Here's what I learned in our first year of marriage.

And we've got a little nugget on the way...and s/he is arriving in July. So here's the announcement I made about that. If you're interested in following along with anything baby, labels on blog posts are tagged with #babyentzel, pregnancy, nugget 1, and pregnancy journal. You can follow me on IG and baby posts are also tagged with #babyentzel.

Since we're entering into this parenting adventure, I even shared a post about some unwanted advice that I've received...and this was before I'd even reached week 15!

Some of you have been around here for a while, so you know about our house. But for those of you who don't, here are a few posts about house hunting. Our house and the our wonderful realtor.

As a part of Bailey Jean's Blogtember Challenge for 2015, I wrote a letter to my sixteen year old self.

And if you want to go poking around this site, feel free to do some digging. Some more popular posts can be found here and as always, there are suggested posts at the bottom of every post.

Thanks for stopping by and be on the lookout for #babyentzel Week 21 update, coming soon!

OH! And make sure to participate in the #babyentzel gender poll in the right sidebar. :) Gender to be announced sometime in July (fingers crossed).

Happy Monday!

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