Thursday, June 9, 2016

Week 33

With the first week of summer vacation almost over (I know.), I realized that week 33 is almost over and I have yet to write about it. So did it really happen if I didn't write about it?! I think not.

How far along: 33 weeks...8-ish months.

Size of baby: The size of a pineapple (I feel like these are repeats...), a stalk of celery, a head of cauliflower, or a junior tennis racket.

Gender: Unknown--take the poll on the right. Also, take the survey about baby here. Really...take the survey...someone will win a prize!

Nursery: Doors are in...floor is sanded and up (today hopefully) door trim and tomorrow/this weekend...baseboards!

Movement has turned into more of the big shifts. Not so much the jabs baby is shifting hips or trying to stretch...

Tired and warm all of the time. It might be time to turn our air conditioning on...

Sleep: It's hard to roll over...but I manage it while I'm asleep, somehow. I still sleep pretty well. We'll see what happens in the next 6-ish weeks.

Not much this week...probably carbs and protein?

Being able to regulate my body temp better. It's too warm for me in the summer when I'm not pregnant...but fun.

Best moment of the week: School's out! And we heard baby's heartbeat at our appointment. Our NP said baby is head down and looking like s/he's almost ready to go.

Looking forward to:
Getting the nursery done!

Our garden is we just have to water every day. hah.

Happy Thursday!

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