Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Week 34

I had hoped, hoped, HOPED to get a post up yesterday with a few updates, but alas that was not to be. But, I do have your very exciting weekly update with only 5.5 (hopefully) weeks to go.

How far along: 34 weeks (!)

Size of baby: The size of a butternut squash, an average (what is average anyway??) cantaloupe, a muskmelon, or a cabbage

Gender: Unknown--take the poll on the right. Also, take the survey about baby here. Really...take the survey...someone will win a prize!

Nursery: Door trim is finished and baseboards are close! Kyle says we're a day (-ish) away from being ready to set it up!

Baby is still wiggling constantly and I'm so grateful for that. S/he seems so comfy in there...

We finally turned our A/C on and it feels so much better. I'm still dealing with some pretty rough heartburn and I'm starting to waddle.

Sleep: I'm still struggling with rolling over, but I'm sleeping like a rock. It's been so nice (as long as the A/C is working).

This week has been chicken pasta I made a huge bowl of it on Sunday so I could eat it throughout the week.

I'm missing being capable of cooling down my own body...I don't like the heat of the summer to begin with, but this being pregnant much harder.

Best moment of the week: We took a Childbirth Prep class this week and it was so helpful!

Looking forward to:
My first baby shower is this weekend!

Happy Wednesday!


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