Friday, June 24, 2016

Week 35

Wowza. Sorry this post is a little late. It's already Friday and I've not posted anything! We've been having a great week with family in Duluth and we've not had much down time. But, here goes...

How far along: 35 weeks (and 5 days)

Size of baby: The size of a spaghetti squash, a child's backpack, or a honeydew melon.

Gender: Unknown--take the poll on the right. Also, take the survey about baby here. Really...take the survey...someone will win a prize!

Nursery: We're almost done!! *Fingers crossed* We got our new rug in the mail on Monday, so when we get back this weekend, we will be putting it down then. Stay tuned for pics!

LOTS of movement. S/he is moving, but it's mostly the big moves. Throwing hips from side-to-side and general shifting seem to be his/her MO.

Heartburn. Swollen ankles (especially this week...hiking & the heat have done me in). Exhaustion.

Sleep: Still sleeping hard, when I sleep. I'm waking up around 2 and 4 every morning to use the bathroom...but I've been able to fall back asleep. Thank goodness!
Not terribly much this week. Fruit still sounds good. :)

My ankles. :(

Best moment of the week: Our baby shower last Saturday and spending time with family this week!
Looking forward to:
Sleeping in my bed again and we are transitioning into our weekly we get to hear baby's heartbeat again!

Happy Friday!!


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