Friday, February 9, 2018

Five on Friday: Dreaming of Spring...Shoes

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I've had Spring on my mind lately. And with a toddler who is into running, climbing, and really everything, I've been looking for shoes. here are five I'm contemplating getting.

Let me know what's worked for you!

one | Natives

I've heard so many good things about these shoes. From they are durable for any kid who is hard on shoes to we love them and won't buy any other types of summer shoes.

That makes me think that we should get Lew a pair. The only they're more expensive than I would normally spend on a pair of shoes for my toddler.

two | Blue Berry Loafers

I love the simple slip on idea. Lew is getting more and more independent and it won't be long before he insists on putting his own shoes on. These are so cute and more affordable than the Natives. But are they durable enough to last us at least through this summer? That I'm not sure. Do you have any input on these?

three | Ankle Boots

Lewis has two weddings coming up that he is in, so with khakis, he's going to need some brown boots of some sort... I found these and while they are so cute, I'm not sold on the brand. Some of the reviews of other shoes by the same company haven't been overly positive.

Does anyone have these and love them? It is a plus that they're available with prime and have free returns.

four | Mid Top Boots

And then there are these. They appear to be fairly new on Amazon...only one review so far and nothing about the quality. eligible.

five | Crocs

Or do I go with the standard, easy to slip on, comfy, easy to clean, not terribly expensive, but trusted brand route?

Thoughts? Anyone? Bueller?

If you've got any input, I'd love to hear it! Oh...and...

Happy Friday!


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