Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Lew's Favorites

Lewis is certainly coming into his own nicely. He's learning and changing from a baby into a little boy right before my eyes.

Some of his favorites right now are...

...saying "hieeeeee!" with as much gusto as a mom in Target alone.

...dancing to anything and everything. When the music stops, he shouts "moooorrrr!" and waits for music to resume.

...laughing when someone tells a joke. Often, he's the first one to laugh at it.

...climbing up the stairs and sliding down on his tummy...over and over and over.

...shouting either "maaaaaaaamaaa!" or "daaaaaaaaa!" and when we respond he just giggles.

...eating Dad's tums out of his dopp kit.

...telling us when something is "haaaawwt" or "cooooood".

...helping with everything...opening the car door...closing the dishwasher...throwing garbage away...putting his shoes in their basket...you get the picture.

He's a funny little bean (with a double ear infection) and he cracks us up.


eating Dad's tums

Happy Tuesday!


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