Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Toms Shoes--RUN!

If you love Toms like we do...make sure you get over to their site today. Seriously.


They're having their end of the season sale and it is guessed it....TODAY.

During this sale last year, I scored some suuuuuper cute high tops for Lewis and they've been perfect for him as a new walker. They fit great, they're easy to slip on, AND they stay on.

Plus, if you sign up to be a Passport Rewards member (free!), you'll get an extra 5% off.

25% off! That's awesome. Plus as a PR member, you get free shipping (at least with this promo).

Okay...enough about why it's so great (it seriously is). Here's what I scored for Lewis this year. *heart eye emoji here*

these in a 6 for next fall/winter

these in a 5 for this spring/summer/fall

But let's be real. Aren't they adorable?? Okay. Now head on over here to check it out!'ll get 12% back with Ebates. Click here to sign up. Plus we both get a bonus if you use my code. You rock, BTW.

Happy Wednesday! 

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