Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Here Comes the Bride...

...all dressed in white.

You know what that means, right? You've got it. Another wedding. Since the beginning of 2015 we've attended weddings in Fargo (1), Bismarck (1), Mayville (1),  Grand Forks (2), Montevideo (1), and Hudson (1). We were also invited to three that we couldn't attend in Fargo (1) and Grand Forks (2).

We are rounding out our 2015 wedding season with a wedding in Jamestown.

The awesome thing about the wedding this weekend, is that we don't have to pay for a hotel! We are fortunate enough that we'll be able to stay with Kyle's parents and celebrate til the cows come home (or buffalo, whichever). 

Family will be in town and it will be glorious. One thing I love about spending time with Kyle's family is that the weekend will be filled with baby snuggles from our niece, late night games, lazy mornings, and lots of coffee. All things lovely.

The thing I struggle with most when it comes to weddings is, "What do I buy them?" I know, I know...just follow the registry. And as easy as that is, some of our favorite gifts weren't on our registry. 

I mean really, how cute are these??

I don't think you can register for hand embroidered flour sack towels. Maybe somewhere, but I've never seen it.

I also loved this pitcher that we got.

We use(d) it frequently...and then someone found out that really hot water shouldn't run in/on it. Don't look at me. 

And even though we loved most of the stuff that wasn't on our registry, we did receive some things that we've not even taken out of the box yet. And because I'm not sure who all reads this here blog, I won't even show you what those items are. 

Check in on IG, Twitter, Facebook or Snapchat for updates this weekend. 

But seriously. What's your go-to wedding gift? 
I know my mom's...a glass pitcher 
like the one that broke at our house. 

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