Friday, November 6, 2015

What We Watch: Five on Friday

I always feel like I'm the only person with bad habits. In this case, it's not just me, it's Kyle too. We have a bad habit. We watch a lot of television. Not only do we watch a lot of television, but we tend to watch it while we eat supper.

It's so easy to sit and watch an episode of one of our favorite shows and not think until it's suddenly 8:30pm and we have to get things ready for the next day. Amiright?

Does anyone else have this habit? We know it's not the best idea, but somehow it's so hard to break that cycle. BUT! We've been working on breaking this habit. We've set some guidelines for shows, times, frequency, etc. And even though we're working on it, we sometimes still watch too much tv.

That being said, for this week's Five on Friday, I'll be sharing the five shows we watch the most or are currently watching.

one | Frasier

We started watching Frasier quite a while ago. It's a show that's easy to watch one episode here and another two or three weeks months later.

two | Gotham
Honestly, I suggested this show to Kyle because I saw that Ben McKenzie stars in it. I mean, really. What fan of The O.C. wouldn't want to see Ryan Ben McKenzie star in another show.
But really, Kyle has decided that he actually really likes the show. Some episodes are a tad cheesy, but we like seeing how each character changes throughout the season.

three | Psych
I've probably talked about it before, but we really love Psych. We just finished watching it all the way through for the second time. The antics, the jokes, the continuity, everything is just so well done that we catch something new each time we watch it.

four | Parks and Recreation
Who doesn't love Leslie Knope and all of her nicknames for Ann? Let's be honest. We also love us some Andy Dwyer.
five | The Office
I know The Office is old, but whenever we are stumped for what to watch, we will pull up a favorite. As long as Michael Scott is present and Jim is pranking Dwight, all is right in the world.
So, not only do we have the bad habit of watching television more than we should, we also have five shows to keep us busy. As you've seen, it doesn't even matter if we've seen them before...we'll always have something to watch.
What about you? Do you have any bad habits? What are your go-to shows? We're always looking for suggestions!


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