Friday, April 8, 2016

Five on Friday

I feel like all I've been writing about here, is my pregnancy...and there I go again.

So since it's Friday, I figured I'd join up with A. Liz Adventures for another round of Five on Friday, with the hopes that I'll find some sort of groove and I won't be filling up your feed with only pregnancy journals. *yeah right*

one | hockey, hockey, hockey

UND played in their fourth consecutive Frozen Four last night. We don't have cable, so we weren't able to watch the game. Boo. But! The game was a WIN! It was a fun (and nervewracking) game to watch, but the boys prevailed. UND beat University of Denver 4-2.

two | school

We are approximately whoamikidding exactly 37 days away from our last day of school and graduation. That means that I need to get crackin on my cousin's graduation cupcakes. Her party is June 4. I'm going to be enormous, so I'm hoping/praying that I can get some most of them baked and frozen by the second week in May. Any tips for freezing cake?

three | garden

Our plants are growing! It's so fun to get home from work every day and see how much they've grown! *insert whiny momma voice here* I'm awfully proud of them so far.

four | tree help

Last year we found out that we have apricot trees in our yard! Cool! BUT. All of the fruit fell off the trees before they could ripen. Is there a master gardener out there who can help me?? Anyone? *crickets*

five | conferencing

Kyle and I were presenting at a conference last weekend for the student chapter of our state's teacher's union. It was a great time. Really, it was. And I've got another conference tomorrow. Our teachers are putting on a Writing and Reading conference for the middle/high school students in our community. Chris Crutcher is even coming to speak! Wish me luck...I don't do well with mornings before 8am on weekends.

What are five things you're thinking about today? And as always, make sure to link up with A. Liz Adventures if you're participating! And I'm off to my 24 week appointment this afternoon (sorry...just had to)!

Happy Friday!

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