Thursday, April 28, 2016

Week 27

How far along: 27 weeks

Size of baby: Baby is the size of an acorn squash, a camping lantern, or a bunch of bananas.

Gender: The poll is still going. Make sure that your vote counts! Speaking of voting...I'll have a contest around these parts soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

Nursery: No progress on the nursery this week. Still just painted. But we did prime the doors...? So I guess that counts for something. Yes? Ok.

Movement: Constant movement. #babyentzel is super active when s/he can hear music...during worship at church, during Kyle's concerts, etc. It's fun to feel part of his/her personality this early in life.

Symptoms: Soooorrrreeee hips. Aside from that, I'm back to the tired(er) phase. If Kyle would let me, I'd take a nap from 6-8 every night and then still be asleep by 10.

Sleep: Tired. Like I said about symptoms...I could sleep a lot. Sometimes I'm getting up once at night, but I've been sleeping all night for the most part *knock on wood*.

Cravings: :( None. Boo.

Missing:Wearing pants that button. Things are pretty okay right now.

Best moment of the week: Feeling baby jammin out to the music we've been surrounded by.

Looking forward to: Having our baby shower in 6-ish weeks! (That also means Aubrey's home!)

Happy Thursday!

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