Thursday, April 21, 2016

Week 26

How far along: 26 weeks

Size of baby: approximately the size of a coconut, hothouse cucumber (Google it), or the size of a bowling pin (Kyle's favorite)

Gender: The poll is still going. Make sure that your vote counts!

Nursery: My mom came and helped me paint the nursery on Saturday. We got it done in approximately 2.5 hours! I'm so happy with how the grey turned out, but you'll have to wait for the final pictures. :) This week we hope to have the doors, door frames, & window frames painted. Then hopefully we can get baseboards made (Kyle's job) in the next few weeks.

Movement: What feels like all day, every day. Baby is getting bigger so his/her movements become more pronounced each day. Kyle was able to feel him/her moving around the other day!

Symptoms: Sore hips, super tired (my 2 hour evening naps aren't even affecting my sleep!), and my hair is nice and full (I realized that I've only been posting negative symptoms...oops!).

Sleep: I sleep hard and have a really hard time getting up in the morning. Nighttime bathroom breaks have stalled for now and for that I'm grateful.

Cravings: Still

Missing: Having work clothes that fit...

Best moment of the week: Seeing our nursery coming together.

Looking forward to: Sending out shower invites!

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