Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Week 24

Our next appointment is this week. We're switching doctors and will finally be meeting her this week. There's only one more monthly appointment after this one and before we know it, they'll be every 2 weeks. Wowza!

How far along: 24 weeks

Size of baby: Around the size of a cantaloupe, a GI Joe, or a large zucchini

Gender: Take the poll in the right hand sidebar to cast your vote! Also...send me an email or leave a comment because I'm just curious like that.

Nursery: Kyle moved the bed from our nursery/guest room into the basement bedroom and all that's left in baby's room is a dresser and the crib. Then it's painting soon!

Movement: Baby is moving with stronger jabs lately. It's fun to see my shirt jump as s/he kicks or wiggles.

Symptoms: Heartburn and I'm starting to get more tired again. Hopefully that's just because I have a cold.

Sleep: I wish I could say I'm sleeping through the night still, but I was up once Saturday night, twice Sunday night, and _______xs last night. And I'm extra warm when sleeping. Unfortunately for Kyle, I inadvertently use the blankets as a barrier between us in the middle of the night to block some of his body heat.

Cravings: Not much. Does sleep count?

Missing: Lots of coffee and a beer would be nice.

Best moment of this week: Realizing that, even though 24 weeks seems like it's not that close to 40 weeks, but when I count down that there are only 16 weeks's going to fly by.  I remember when I was only 6 weeks and I was itching to tell everyone. That time has flown by.

Looking forward to: Still waiting on some babies....AND Aubrey has been working diligently on Baby Entzel's shower coming up in June! So, that'll be fun too. :)

Thanks for stopping by and as always...

Happy Wednesday!

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