Thursday, July 14, 2016

Week 38

We've got 10 days to go until D-day. How is that even possible?? Some days seem longer than others, but somehow we've made it this far without it seeming like forever.

I've got my 38 week appointment this morning and my fingers are crossed for some progress on the baby front. Keep yours crossed too? Kay, thanks.

How far along: 38 weeks (and 4 days)

Size of baby: The size of a leek or a ukulele

Gender: Unknown--take the poll on the right. Also, take the survey about baby here. Really...take the survey...someone will win a prize! Seriously...not many people have taken the survey and it's going to be easy for one of you to win!

Nursery: We just have a few more things to put away and a few things to hang on the walls...then we're done!'s full of bathroom things since Kyle's in the middle of remodeling our upstairs bathroom. :)
So many movements. Some people have told me that baby sleeps around 20 hours a day right now...I don't think that this is the case with #babyentzel because he/she moves. all. the. time.

Symptoms: Heartburn. All. Day. And it seems to be getting worse...apparently heartburn can get worse around weeks 38/39. It could be at least 10 more days of this...

Sleep: I'm up at least three times a night...when I'm sleeping, it's pretty restful. At least I think it is.
Not much this week...I've not been able to eat much at a time...some friends came over for supper last night. They brought a smoked ham. It was delightful.
Mostly my motivation and not having heartburn.

Best moment of the week: I'm loving being home this summer. It was wonderful to celebrate our third anniversary last week and to look forward to our growing family.
Looking forward to:
Our dr appointment today! Again, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there's progress and news to report.

Happy Thursday!


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