Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Week 39

Five days to go until D-day. Tonight's a full moon...whoooo knows what will happen...

How far along: 39 weeks

Size of baby: Size of a pumpkin

Gender: Unknown--take the poll on the right. Also, take the survey about baby here. Really...take the survey...someone will win a prize! Seriously...not many people have taken the survey and it's going to be easy for one of you to win!

Nursery: It's full of bathroom things since Kyle's in the middle of remodeling our upstairs bathroom. :) One of these days we'll have an update.
Last night #babyentzel was movin and groovin until close to 2 am. Silly baby.

Symptoms: My Dr. told me to use Zantac for my heartburn and since Thursday, I've not had any heartburn! Woohoo!

Sleep: I've started only getting up once or twice a night...that's progress from the three times a week last week!

Cravings: Not much this week...I still don't eat much at a time...you know, since there's a pumpkin in my stomach.
Motivation. But I did weed 3/4 of the garden yesterday!

Best moment of the week: Being home and drinking coffee and just putzing around so that I feel like I'm getting something done.
Looking forward to:
Meeting Baby Entzel. Kyle thinks it might happen today since tonight is a full moon. Stay tuned...you might be hearing from me next week with my 40 week update...and no baby yet. Who knows.

Happy Tuesday!


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