Friday, January 26, 2018

How is it Friday already? Five on Friday.

It's Friday again and I find that so hard to believe! Some days I felt like this week has dragged on...and now that I'm writing, it feels like it flew by. Does anyone else ever feel that way? No? Just me? Good to know.

Anyway, I'm linking up with April over at Smidge of This for another round of Five on Friday. Go check her out. we are with five things for this week.

one | Meatless Mondays

I've heard a lot about this from various bloggers and ladies that I follow on IG. So we thought we'd give it a go. We really like this quinoa recipe and this quesadilla recipe. So those might be our go-tos for a while.

two | Potty Training

I know! I feel like it's SO SOON to be even thinking of this. But, Lewis has been telling us when he needs a new diaper...and has even told us before he's messed his diaper. So...I feel like it might be a sign to start getting him acquainted? Does anyone have any great tips for an 18 mo boy? I've been looking at this, this, and this on Amazon. And I find these to be silly.

three | Mott's

These are a new favorite snack in our house. Lewis wants them all of the time, but since they are sooo chewy and sticky, he only gets half. One day he'll get to enjoy the whole bag himself.

four | Healthy Meals

We're in a rut. I love to cook, but I feel like we make the same things all of the time. PLUS. We have so much food in our freezer, that I feel a little overwhelmed by it all. SO. I need some suggestions for your favorite meals that include ingredients most people already have on hand. It's time to clean out our cupboards!

five | Grad School

Update on grad school...I'm almost done with week 3 and it's going. I'm starting to get a little overwhelmed between work, homework, and keeping up with things at home. So if you think of it, send up a prayer or seven for me.

That's all!

Happy Friday! 

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